America and the GOP stuck with scumbag Murkowski for six more years

What in the bloody hell is wrong with Alaskans?

I should be careful how I phrase that since there is one Alaskan I’d like to see win a show I don’t watch (Dancing with the Stars) and there’s another Alaskan I’d like to see – wait for it, wait for it – dancing at the Innaugural Ball thrown in her honor. Yet, it appears that Lisa Murkowski, the product of a type of nepotism that should be illegal, has now won a god*$&%  Senate race, and we’re stuck with her for six years.

I’d say the GOP is stuck with her, but she’s the type of Judas that will switch parties whenever feasible, I suspect.

Murkowski – a pro-choice, pork-barrel, placed in power by her daddy RINO – is already leading the GOP counter-surge against the proposed earmark ban, a move that should reach fever pitch today. With every day that passes and with every word he utters, Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is losing all the Conservative street-cred he worked so hard to get over the years, and I – an Oklahoma – hate, hate, hate saying that.

Murkowski, who vowed that she would honor the primary results before Joe Miller actually beat her, is the kind of political monkey we’ll likely be stuck with for a long, long time – the worst, part, of course is that like Tina Fey, she’s one of those people who success depends on the success of Sarah Palin i.e. so long as Palin does well, there will be enough people in Alaska who hate Palin to keep sending Murkowski back to the Senate.


While I wouldn’t call it the Worst. Headline. Ever., it’s damn close. What a shame.

Regarding that nepotism, thing – a pity there’s not some way to make illegal appointing a relative or business associate to fill a federal seat, no?


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