What you might have missed…

Sarah Palin would be much more effective supporting causes like fiscal sanity by not running for President, but C4P takes down Murky for her, um, gall. ..

Interesting piece on Hannity and the 2010 election at AT.

Johnny Dollar and a nation of sheep

Donkeys getting message on earmarks (yeah, right)…

Schumer and trash bags

And although more appropriate for the GOC, week 10 NFL power rankings… last night’s game was the most exciting blowout ever – 59-28 Iggles and Vick went nutso – great interview with him on Sirius NFL pregame regarding dogfighting. Of what he’d do different, he said he’d have done less time, but he said he deserved what he got and exhibited remarkable remorse. I still despise what he did, but a long time after the fact, he’s still showing a great deal of humility. Good for him.


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