Interesting observation from Althouse re: Bush on Katrina

I’ll be posting a review of Decision Points by the end of the month, but this is an interesting observation from Ann Althouse. What’s chilling about what Bush writes is just how dangerous political correctness can be – when we take demographic identifiers into consideration during crisis – and politicians must these days – then little good can come of it.

“If I invoked the Insurrection Act against her wishes, the world would see a male Republican president usurping the authority of a female Democratic governor by declaring an insurrection in a largely African American city.”

“That left me in a tough position. That would arouse controversy anywhere. To do so in the Deep South, where there had been centuries of states’ rights tensions, could unleash holy hell.”

I was struck by that passage in Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points.” Bush, of course, ended up getting criticized for seemingly not “car[ing] about black people,” so it’s interesting to think that his delays — at least as he presents them now — had to do with the history of the South. But look closely as the 2 concerns that slowed Bush’s imposition of federal authority in New Orleans:

1. Gender. Bush didn’t like the image of the male pushing the female aside. He thought he’d be criticized for that.

2. “States’ rights tensions.” That’s a strange way to evoke the history of racism in the south if you want to convey that you cared about the suffering of black people. “States’ rights” was the cry of those who resisted federal efforts to advance integration. Bush was, in fact, being deferential to the Southern governor.

via Althouse.


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