The Madness of Fred-6

The American Thinker is sort of an echo chamber for me – it’s rare that I disagree with anything published in it, and when I do, I can usually understand the argument honestly being made that I just as honestly disagree with. I don’t read it every day, but I read it most days. It’s good Conservative red meat, a nice filling meal to National Review’s hit-and-miss appetizers.

This, then, surprised the reaction it provoked in me.

“A Broken President” by Geoffrey P. Hunt is an excellent summation of a terrible Presidency, one that shows no promise of getting any better. A snippet, but please read the whole thing:

Just two years ago, Obama was hailed as a 21st-century Lincoln, the figurative progeny of FDR and JFK combined. The finest dramatic speech-maker since Sir John Gielgud dominated the Shakespearean stage. The most gifted political orator since Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King. The long-awaited enlightened emperor who would soothingly heal rifts abroad, seamlessly ushering in a new era of social justice while effortlessly repairing a broken economy at home.

Instead, we now have a broken president. His domestic agenda is dead — è morto. His legislative gains will soon be disarmed, if not unraveled. His agenda abroad fares no better. The embarrassing extravaganza in India was another lavish display of his ignorance of   history — this time about India and Pakistan. And his cowardly evasion in defining jihad was injury enough. How insulting to Indian lawmakers to witness in their own chamber that Obama was no orator — just a mere speech-reader, carrying his teleprompter like an IV drip, the first-ever orator in that body to require the mechanical cue cards.


There was a time when it was lonely to not only not want then-Senator Barack Obama (Fred-6) to win the Presidency, but to viscerally dislike the man. I come by this dislike rather honestly (to reuse the term).

When I saw him give the keynote one night at the DNC in 2004, I called my mom and told her I just watched the first Af-Am who would be elected POTUS.  I did not expect this to happen in 2008. Fred-6 has done nothing but descend from Earth-Earth to Middle Earth in my view since then.

I disliked his addiction to the Teleprompter, and noted it early and often.

I disliked his comfort with being compared to a messianic figure, a god and himself proclaiming that ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,’ and all the gibberish about stopping the rising waters, and the comfort with being called The One. The proud, cocked chin posed perfectly for the halo-photos.

I disliked his wildly over-inflated ego; it takes a special kind of jackass to make Hillary Clinton arouse a Conservative’s sympathy.

I disliked the wide, gaping holes in his biography, the Mad Lib nature of his personal narrative, from where he went to school to what he taught to how he met his wife.

Long before he became President, I instinctively disliked Fred-6, and now two years into his POTUS helm, I like him even less.

That is not all.


What I really dislike about Fred-6 has nothing to do with his politics, policies, electoral chicanery, ego, biography, snobbishnism, latent anti-Semitism and resentment towards America. Nope, what I really dislike is what he brings out in those who are in love with the man.

I’m still not sure if I have a friend who actually read Dreams of My Father who also voted for Fred-6. When in the company of Friends of Fred-6, the various twenty-, thirty- and forty-something Liberals I happen to hang out with a couple times a year, I’ll drop random, made-up bits about what’s included in his memoirs, just to see if anyone balks.

No one ever has.

I’ve been to their homes, yet I’ve never seen a copy of either memoir that looks as though it’s been opened more than once.

I’ve heard them refer to people like me (but never me, personally, of course because you’re different KB, you’re not like them) as racists, bigots, xenophobes, rubes, rednecks, simpletons, un- and ill-educated and yes, teabaggers. I’ve publicly insulted them with their own ignorance, I’ve ridiculed and exorcised them from Facebook, I’ve asked simple questions (was his father or step-father from Indonesia?) and received blank stares.

I have yet to find one who has been able to recite his college GPA (let me be clear: no one knows it)and I know few – very few – who are willing to admit they made a disastrous mistake in supporting this man for POTUS.

Instead, I get more of the same: Bush was worse, Palin’s an idiot, McCain would have been a disaster, the economy’s actually getting better, the wars are winding down, where were you when the GOP was spending like drunken sailors and so forth.

What is particularly strange about all this is that for as horrible a job as Fred-6 is doing, Liberals want to talk about him all the more, as though the more they talk the more that this will all be just a very bad dream. It’s a sad day when otherwise intelligent, informed taxpaying people are suckered by the Flim-Flam man.

None of this gives me smug satisfaction – it’s my country the Democrats spent two years bankrupting and trying to wreck, two years (and two more to come – the GOP only has the House) of accusing all critics as racists, of all everyday dissenters and teabaggers and nutjobs, angry cranks fired up by right-wing radio they don’t listen to and Fox News, a station that gets a sliver of ratings when compared to the networks and all other liberal media outlets.

Yet, it’s for releasing the hounds of The American Liberal’s insipid, smug stupidity on the rest of us that I resent and dislike Fred-6 for the most. It’s one thing to think one’s poltical counterparts are stupid – it’s quite another to regularly shout it from the roof-tops while the best and brightest putting your idealogical ideas into concrete proof are wrecking the economy.

Fred-6 is a wicked man. I don’t defer to the notion that he’s a good  man with bad ideas, or that he’s too smart for us to understand. I think he’s of average intelligence and sky-high charisma, a man so hell-bent on proving how stupid the rest of us are he’s willing to sink the country in order to get his point across.

A wicked, wicked little man, Fred-6.




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