Examiner Editorial: Federal pay hike? Let’s start with a freeze, then cut 10 percent | Washington Examiner

Today marks the seventh day of King B Live, and readers have probably already gotten the sense that there are few things I detest more than public sector unions. The big headline on this front this week was the massive increase in Federal workers who make more than $150,000/yr since 2005, and especially since Fred-6 took office.

The old deal – you know this, I’m sure – was that if you work for the State, you make less money but get better benefits and a better pension. The new deal – heh – is that you get platinum benefits, a much better salary and are virtually impossible to fire. Pres. Kennedy was the POTUS responsible for allowing Federal employees to collectively bargain and thus unionize, and while unions would have you think that they are composed of hard-working blue collar types from the rust belt, that is but a distant memory: the average union worker today is white collar, well-compensated, and employed by Uncle Sam.

This is absolute madness.

More Americans are waking up to this, especially as California and New York – two states packed to the gills with State workers – are poised to go bankrupt-and-then-some thanks to lavish salaries and pensions for unionized government employees.

The aforementioned madness must stop, and the views expressed in the Washington Examiner editorial excerpted below begin on the right track. There is so, so, so much more to be done, but this is a start.

National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley told USA Today that the pay increase “is a modest amount and should be implemented” so the federal work force can stay competitive in the job market. But in many occupational categories, average federal compensation is double that of the private sector. Moreover, federal union representatives have some nerve demanding pay increases to “stay competitive” when unemployment stands at 9.6 percent. As for being “competitive,” the government is the nation’s largest employer.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, calls a federal pay freeze a minimum first step toward what eventually should be a 10 percent cut across the board. If the GOP’s historic landslide victory in the 2010 election was about letting Washington know it’s time to rein in runaway government growth and put Main Street’s needs before those at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Chaffetz’s proposal is the least that can be done. It is also the right time to do it, when the public is genuinely fed up with the status quo. Given the nation’s economic woes, we would love to see the Washington establishment defend the idea that taxpayers should continue to subsidize government salaries inside the Beltway.

via Examiner Editorial: Federal pay hike? Let’s start with a freeze, then cut 10 percent | Washington Examiner.


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