The Plum Line – GOP leadership creating new post for freshmen GOPers — may be occupied by Tea Partyer

I caught this over at Drudge:

Now this is interesting: With many wondering how the House Republican leadership will accommodate the newly elected House GOPers who are soon to arrive in Washington, many of whom are Tea Party-backed, I’m told the leadership has hit on a solution. They are creating a new leadership post: Representative of the incoming freshman class.

A GOP aide tells me that the decision has been made to create the post, and newly elected Tea Party favorite Kristi Noem, who unseated Dem Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in South Dakota and is known to her fans as the “next Sarah Palin,” has “indicated a strong interest.”

In another nod to the incoming freshmen Republicans, the position will be elected by only those freshmen, not the leadership.

via The Plum Line – GOP leadership creating new post for freshmen GOPers — may be occupied by Tea Partyer.

I like the idea of having a Freshman Rep’o’Reps, and I love Kristi Noem.

I caught wind of Noem’s campaign in South Dakota a few months ago and have followed her on-and-off since. She’s 39,  a wife and mother of three, a rancher with a stake in a hunting lodge, adamantly Pro Life, and – best of all – she’s for the repeal of Obamacare and it big on balancing the budget.

She’s young and doesn’t have a huge record, but she’s certainly one to watch, especially since it’s the relatively young, Conservative women who seem to be hell-bent on taking the GOP to the right, where it damn-well should be.



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