BIg Important Piece of the Day: Michelle Malkin goes off on Rove vis-a-vis Gerson

Good, good stuff.

Indeed, Tea Party activism and enthusiasm at the state and federal levels created the grass-roots wave that everyone in D.C. is now taking credit for in the election afterglow. Outside the Beltway, DeMint and Palin worked tirelessly on the ground to support the conservative wave while Beltway GOP elites of Gerson’s ilk fretted and moaned on the sidelines.

Moreover, Palin boldly defied the Rove machine and lent support to conservative third-party candidate Tom Tancredo in an effort to help spare us Democrat governor-elect John Hickenlooper and the Soros-ization of Colorado . Tancredo ultimately lost, but so many of us taxpayers here in this state will be forever grateful for Palin’s help. Gerson sneers at Tancredo as “one of the most divisive figures in American politics.” But in a manner of just weeks, Tancredo managed to unite former and current Republican officials and leaders in Colorado and across the country, libertarians, Tea Party activists, immigration enforcement advocates, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and 48 percent of unaffiliated voters behind his upstart candidacy.

Senate GOP/Tea Party-backed candidates O’Donnell, Angle, and Ken Buck (whom Gerson curiously omits from his column…because he happens to be a Tea Party-backed candidate that Rove actually supported) may also have lost, but the very valuable silver lining for conservatives is that their campaigns put liberal, big government Republicans — and Democrats — on notice. We’re watching and we will hold them all accountable. Buck’s opponent, Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet, certainly got the message. When his ads weren’t viciously attacking Buck as anti-woman, they were preposterously accusing him of wanting to raise taxes. That’s right. Bennet the Obamacare/bailout/stimulus supporter campaigned as the smaller government candidate.

via Michelle Malkin » Karl Rove’s water boy strikes again.


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