Hillary Clinton Rules Out 2012, 2016 Presidential Runs – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

I’ll believe this when I don’t see it:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is once again shooting down the idea she will run for president in 2012 or 2016.

While in New Zealand as part of a two-week Asia-Pacific tour, a reporter on Friday asked Clinton whether she had ruled out running for the presidency through 2016, according to the Associated Press.

“Oh yes, yes,” Clinton replied. “I’m very pleased to be doing what I’m doing as secretary of state.”

In a separate interview with TV New Zealand, Clinton said the United States “should be” ready for a female president, but that it would not be her. “But it will be someone, and it is nice coming to countries that have already proven that they can elect women to the highest governing positions that they have in their systems,” she added. New Zealand has had two female prime ministers.

via Hillary Clinton Rules Out 2012, 2016 Presidential Runs – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

Drudge is giving this play because he loves putting Fred-6 and HRC against each other – HRC is thrilled to be a half a globe away from the political destruction that had zero to do with her husband and her; the Clinton’s are toldyaso people if there ever was such a thing, and their thirst for power can never truly be quenched.

They should be sending the Obamas vigin-plucked truffles for the “man, Clinton wasn’t so bad after alls” uttered by Conservatives – not this Conservatives, but more than a few. Hell, at least the economy was okay, even though it had nothing to do with Liberal policies.

Whatever – If Fred-6 doesn’t start changing his tune, HRC would be nuts not to challenge him in the primary – I can think of a host of people who would register Dem for the first time (me, yes) just to vote against Fred-6. The politically wise would say this is stupid, because if the GOP opts for Palin, she can’t beat HRC and in fact needs disenchanted HRC-ites to vote for her.

Frankly, I don’t care – Fred-6 is destroying the country, and the first order of business is to get him out of office – all the rest is gravy.


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One Response to Hillary Clinton Rules Out 2012, 2016 Presidential Runs – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

  1. Eric says:

    When your nation is so royally screwed that the prospect of leading it scares a Clinton away from the White House… Well, let’s just say that pestilence and plagues must be right around the corner.

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