Funniness from Smitty…

I read this piece by William Saltean the other day, and was baffled. Smitty finally put the proper words out there:

Now, for the American readership, let us remind ourselves that power corrupts, and the Constitution is a minimalist approach to lending just enough sovereignty and to a Federal government to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Saletan and company do not grasp that the Internet has changed everything. Vulgar displays of power (Pelosi) are last year’s fashion news. Her continued presence in the House promises to be the negative advertising that punts another 60 Demo-Commies in 2012.

What is astounding (and yet strangely unsurprising) is how grossly overconfident Liberals have gotten about their position in a nation that skews Conservative and, more importantly, still sees Liberal as a four-letter word. Please recall that Fred-6 sold himself as a Moderate, even when his voting record reflected none of that. This last part didn’t matter, though, as I’ve yet to meet one Liberal who actually read both of his memoirs (I wasn’t expecting the girl-on-girl scene on page 246 of the first installment).

Most Liberals seem to think that 2008 was indeed a mandate for Liberalism, when it was nothing of the sort. I thought that then, but we all know it now, certainly as of last Tuesday. I used to read Slate daily, but as Fred-6 made his ascension, it became – like so many other outlets staffed almost exclusively by Liberals – unreadable. Saltean’s done much better work, but this piece was a load of garbage.

Kudos to Smitty for hitting the nail on the head.


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  1. smitty says:

    And thank you for saying so, sir.

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