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This is instructive not so much because it’s about Sarah Palin as it’s, in my short view, a better way for people to run for POTUS. Currently, there is a question as to the legality of naming one’s cabinet while one is still running, but for both party nominees, I think it would give the public a good sense not only of a candidate’s thinking, but also a window into their judgment.

For older candidates, we could see how much emphasis they put on people with as much experience as them, or if they’re able to hand over key positions to a younger generation; for younger candidates, we could see what kind of judgment they display when picking people to surround themselves with.

I’m sure there are drawbacks to such a proposition – Senate confirmation hearings alone could be nightmarish with that much time for opposition (and media) research into so many candidates. It would be nice, especially for younger candidates, to at least have the option to go such a route.

So, here’s an idea for Sarah Palin, if she wants to run for president: She shouldn’t just announce her own individual candidacy. Instead, she should announce an administration: herself, possibly a vice presidential candidate, and at least a half a dozen key cabinet secretaries, especially treasury, state, defense, and commerce. Add to that a chairman of her Council of Economic Advisers. The question in 2012, then, won’t be Barack Obama vs. Sarah Palin — it will be the Obama administration vs. the Palin administration: a very different kind of question.

You don’t have to think Sarah Palin is dull to agree that expounding on fine-grained policy detail has not been her forte — she’s an inspirational figure, and her appeal is more about values than about policy proposals. But somebody has to talk about the policy stuff, too. Announcing a Team Palin from Day 1 would totally change the conversation — and possibly help to thin out the primary field, too.

This isn’t just a political gimmick: 2012 is a key election for conservatives. There is a real chance to turn around the direction of our country, one that should not be missed. The stakes at present are very high, and the issues at hand are larger than any individual’s political ambitions. A conservative Republican unity ticket dedicated to restoring fiscal and economic sanity in Washington could, if played right, change history.

via Meet the Palin Administration – By Kevin D. Williamson – Exchequer – National Review Online.


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