It has begun: The past has passed, now is time to consider the sixth of November

“I won.”

Thus spoke our American bizarro Zarathustra, Fred-6, to whom words like good, evil and morality are but anonymous blanks fired from the infinite chambers of his empty soul.

He won, and in two years has not only driven the car into the ditch, he’s hopped out, pierced the fuel reservoir, and set it on fire. He continues to use this clumsy metaphor, replete with the odd cultural assignation (Slurpees, anyone?), fiddling while America burns. Like Nero, he fiddles not with joy that its burning, but with the feeling of accomplishment that his work is just getting started.

On Tuesday, Americans began to stop this madness. We have two years – two years that will likely mark the most turbulent political times in my lifetime thus lived – to begin the work to correct his monstrous work, two years to undo what seemingly cannot be undone.

Democrat strategist and former Clintonite James Carvill predicted 22 months ago that the innauguration of Fred-6 would bring in 40 years of Progressive rule. Twenty-two months later, the nation is not in ruin, but it’s certainly worse for the wear. Unemployment is claimed at 9.8 percent, but real unemployment is between 17 and 22 percent, depending on whose numbers you believe. The Fed is about to pump $600 billion in printed money backed by what, global faith in America, into the economy, and the wonderful world of inflation is set to begin.

Congratuations, America, each of us – man, woman and child – is about to get a tax increase we can’t even see.

On Tuesday, American voters attempted to deliver a wakeup call, but Fred-6 would have none of it – “I won” has turned into genuflection about the economy, not the agenda – uh-huh.

We have two years to find and groom a candidate to make Fred-6 a one-termer. I prefer Sarah Palin, but it does not matter to me so long as they are a Conservative who loathes Eastablishment GOPers and snottly Donkeys like Fred-6 with equal contempt. Palin, Rubio, Christie, Thune or a cast of others; please, no Newt, no Huck, no Mitt, no candidates groomed to gracefully lose as with the grand experiment of ’08. We don’t need people who want to reach across the aisle and get the Devil’s work done; no, we need, want, desire – whatever – leaders who will take the wheel from the children and begin driving our nation the way it’s meant to be driven: prosperous, free, relatively absent bureacracy (yeah, right) and purged of its insidious hangers-on, the endless number of overpaid people reliant on tax dollars to pay their salaries while justifying their jobs by dreaming up new regulations, directives, memos and rules to constrict us to the breaking point.

Two grueling years is what we face – two years that will make 2008 look like a gravy-laden cakewalk through the Valley of Sunshine. I would say that Tuesday awoke the sleeping giant that was the American political establishment, but it was never asleep; it now realizes that calling its opponents rubes, racists and Nazis will not work to defeat them. For two years, we will watch as unconfirmed, untested Czars do the work the Donkey House and Senate could not do now that its power has been weakened. For two years, we will watch and fight back as one Conservative after anohter is smeared with lie and innuendo, our female candidates slurred with the “nuts and sluts” tags, our male candidates facing scrutiny for acts that took place in high school, for words uttered during college.

We still won’t learn Freddy’s college GPA, but it matters not – the stealth Presidency is about to end. We may not end victorious but we cannot – we will not – go down with out a brutal fight. We may, as the folk rhyme says, remember the fifth of November, but it’s the sixth of November 2012 where we can stand athwart that Buckley-esque track and yell “STOP!”

Two years, man. All roads lead to 11/6/12. Book it.



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I'm King B, the originator of the Jellywhite lyrical style and god's own crunk.

2 Responses to It has begun: The past has passed, now is time to consider the sixth of November

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  2. Eric says:

    Good to see King B is politicking again. I like The GOC, but have missed your political stylings, especially during the midterms.

    I’m actually a bit more optimistic than most conservatives that Obama and the GOP will be able to work together on some stuff. The Demoratic majority allowed the Dems to group issues together in large legislative chunks, so that they could use things that most people found reasonable to club Republicans over the head with when they didn’t want to go along w/ other measures that were much more contentious. They no longer have the ability to do this, so Obama and the Dems are going to have to decide if they want to work on these issues at a more granular level (say, instead of comprehensive immigration reform, we decide to put more armed troops on the border to protect against the drug wars continuing to spill over to US soil). And the Republicans should work w/ them on these issues when they can.

    For instance, Obama has already signalled that he’s willing to drop the portion of the healthcare bill that required employers to file 1099 forms w/ the IRS for all transactions over $600. That has been a huge worry for me as a business owner, and if the Republicans forego tackling that issue in favor of instead trying to repeal the entire healthcare bill in one fell swoop, then they’re being irresponsible w/ their new power. They need to obstruct new Obama policies, yes, absolutely, but also if they can get the Dems to compromise on some of their issues, they need to work w/ them to make it happen. And we need to remember that doing so is not “reaching across the aisle” so much as it is “accepting partial surrender”. I’m worried there will be some right wing pundits who scream about such actions being a betrayal, instead of recognizing it as a victory.

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