Cut the damn salaries, already

This would be a good start:

Soon-to-be Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) is being pressed by taxpayer groups to slash the salaries of House lawmakers.

Cutting member pay would show voters the new GOP majority in the House is going to lead by example in their efforts to rein in spending and start with their own wallets, say officials with three prominent taxpayer advocacy groups in Washington, D.C.

via Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers’ salaries –

I’m working on a piece, hopefully for tomorrow, that will discuss some very simple things GOPers can do in Congress to make big, symbolic gains without actually needing the POTUS. After the most ethical Congress evah has now been retired, there were plenty of things we learned that Congress can do without us being able to do a damn thing about them.

The GOP will best remember that Tuesday’s vote was a vote against the Dems, not a vote specifically for them. Like all good Wednesday morning QBs, I have some ideas of my own.


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