Oh please, please, please be true…

Surely, surely the left wasn’t about to re-coronate the most unpopular major politician in the country as the face of their caucus, not right after the biggest election landslide in decades. And yet, here we are. Short of Obama walking up to the podium on Wednesday and flipping the bird to the cameras, I can’t think of a clearer way to signal that Tuesday’s message has emphatically not been received.

via Celebration day: Pelosi running for minority leader « Hot Air.

Allah asks this rhetorically, but I don’t think so. The Democrats are much like collectivism in general, which a friend of mine quotes none other than Ayn Rand as being nothing more than a suicidal death cult, or something to that effect.

They jammed unpopular legislation down the nation’s – ahem – collective throat in the dark of night, knowing full well that the country did not and still does not want it, yet every Liberal I know see this as a grand achievement. My question is this: why wouldn’t they want Pelosi, or better yet, why would she want it? That’s what I don’t get – no more private, government-funded travel for her, her family and so forth.

But I’m not a Liberal, so I’m incapable of thinking like one, even in the most enlightened of days – granted, this is an enlightened day, but still, it makes little sense to me. As for whether she will or will not get MinLead, I don’t really care. She can go sell her ethics somewhere else for a change now, as we’re all full up around here.


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