Another reason why we love Chris Christie

Via Jennifer at Riehl World View:

Governor Christie promised to reduce the size of government and this insurmountable debt in New Jersey, and he is pushing forward.

Come January 2011, Christie will cut 1,200 state employees from the federal payroll.

These cuts will save New Jersey tax payers $8.8 million. As you may guess, unions are in a tizzy.

You can thank Pres. Kennedy for allow public sector workers to collectively bargain. Aside from being Just Plain Wrong, it is evolving into a fiscal disaster in state after state, as pension funds are set to bankrupt states larded with bureaucracy. Of all the wrongs the government has perpetrated on the People while the People have done far too little, this is near the top. Public sector unions and their larded salaries, benefits and pension (to say nothing of the sense of entitlement they foster) are a curse on the nation.


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One Response to Another reason why we love Chris Christie

  1. Eric says:

    I generally have less of a problem than you with collective bargaining, and I think private-sector unions can have a respectable place in a free market system (the problems only arise when the government intervenes on their behalf or their employer’s behalf).

    But, brother, I agree 100% that public sector unions are a curse and should not be allowed.

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