A good reason to like Ryan Seacrest: Dogging Chetsy McBoobs

Although I probably wouldn’t pass up a chance at horizontal congress with Meghan McCain, I – and most Conservatives – loathe her, and not just for her attacks on Sarah Palin. No, whenever a media outlets needs a GOPer nitwit to bash Conservatism, she’s their go-to girl. After making a slightly negative comment about Fred-6 going on late night talk shows and being interviewed, by Seacrest, well, you don’t eff with the Seacrest:

Also (making a reality TV reference): “No disrespect to Ryan Seacrest but I just don’t think The President should be doing an interview with the producer of ‘The Kardahsians.'” And: “He is THE PRESIDENT and the day of the elections that is what he is using his time for? no wonder republicans are about to sweep…”

Enter Seacrest. He took to his own Twitter feed (at 3.6 million followers, a significant amount more than McCain’s 95,000…) to respond.

“.@McCainBlogette criticized @BarackObama for coming on my show… same show she asked to be on twice.”

On his radio program and blog, Seacrest expanded:

“She thinks [On Air with Ryan Seacrest] is just low brow,” said Ryan. “I just want to be clear, it is the low brow show she wanted to be on twice to come promote her stuff.”

Seacrest’s website also notes that “during her father’s Presidential campaign, Ryan welcomed McCain onto the radio show to promote a children’s book she wrote about her experiences growing up.”

via Ryan Seacrest vs. Meghan McCain – PATRICK GAVIN | POLITICO CLICK.


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